Piedmont Landscape Association

Service Providers: Garden Centers- Retail

Gardening is one of America's favorite pastimes, but creating a successful garden in Central Virginia can be challenging. Dealing with our climate, clay soils, pests and hungry wildlife can turn a pleasurable hobby into a frustrating chore. Searching for good "how to" advice can be equally frustrating; internet searches, gardening magazines and even the tag hanging on the plant often result in confusing or conflicting information that is written for a broad audience. One of the best tools a Virginia gardener can have before they venture out is time-tested local advise. Your local garden center is "budding" with trusted information, locally adapted plants, and products suited for of our area. Gardening is hard work, thus it is important that you get it right the first time. Your local garden center can help you with the plants, products and procedures to ensure your garden success.
In the Central Virginia area garden centers range from operations specializing in certain items to vast warehouses of materials to supply even the largest project. Each location has a unique feel and product mix that can open your eyes to the diversity of plant material possibilities in our area. Garden centers, like your garden, change seasonally and are beautiful places to visit and get inspired to confidently "go out and play in the yard."

Listed are several companies that are either owned by or employ PLA members.
Grand View Nursery
Charlottesville, VA
434-296-3878 (tele)

Southern States

Charlottesville, VA
434-974-6147 (tele)

Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants
Charlottesville, VA
434-984-9819 (tele)

Waynesboro Landscape and Garden Center
Waynesboro, VA
540-942-4646 (tele)