Piedmont Landscape Association

Service Providers: Hardscapes & Masonry

Hardscaping is our way of adding to the natural beauty of landscaping by adding man-made features. Most home owners have some kind of hardscaping: driveways, patios, walkways, and other external elements which add to the outside enjoyment of the home. Usually, a constructed external feature is made of long-lasting materials, such as gravel, stone, concrete, asphalt, or timber. Your hardscaping professional will take care to ensure that any man-made addition to the landscape will enhance the beauty, value, and comfort of your home.

Hardscaping allows you to construct features that make your environment more useful. Whether adding a deck, building a fish pond, putting in a pool, or constructing whatever you can imagine,  you are giving your home an aesthetic, functional and long-term improvement.
The materials available are sure to provide you with many choices:  decorative gravel, brick pavers, or concrete for a driveway; large boulders, constructed walls or timber for retaining walls or banks; waterfalls, fountains, or flowing water for your garden pond. There is really no limit to what can be done. Your hardscape professional will bring your dreams to a beautifully built reality.

Listed are several companies that are either owned by or employ PLA members.
Bella Terra, LLC
Palmyra, VA

434-872-3198 (tele)

Gardenworks Landscape Services, LLC

Charlottesville, VA

434-981-4175 (tele)


Grelen Nursery, Inc.
Orange, VA
540-672-5462 (tele)


J.W. Townsend, Inc.
Charlottesville, VA
434-973-1154 (tele)


Lesley E. Sewell, Land Designer & Arborist

Crozet, VA
434-823-1680 (tele)

Town and Country Services, Inc.
Charlottesville, VA
434-973-1657 (tele)

Watkins & Company, Inc.
Crozet, VA
434-823-4510 (tele)

Waynesboro Landscape and Garden Center

Waynesboro, VA
540-942-4646 (tele)