Piedmont Landscape Association

Service Providers: Pest Management

Even with the proper planning, plant selection, irrigation, and fertilization practices employed in your garden, landscape pests can still be a menacing problem. A landscape pest is any organism that damages the health, appearance, or value of a desired plant. Pests can come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from very small bacteria, mites, and insects to very large mammals. A licensed pest management professional can assist in mitigating the damage caused by the pest, hopefully utilizing the concepts of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

IPM is a comprehensive approach to managing landscapes that combines many aspects of pest management to help reduce the pest problems. Chemical controls should be used as a last resort to solving pest problems, and must be applied by a qualified individual. Always refer to product labels for the licensing and application requirements, and ask if your pest management provider is properly licensed through the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) to apply the pesticide.

Listed are several companies that are either owned by, or who employ PLA members.

Arboristry Associates, Inc.
Faber, VA
434-263-4324 (tele)

Bartlett Tree Experts
Charlottesville, VA
434-971-3020 (tele)

Bella Terra Landscapes

Palmyra, VA
434-872-3198 (tele)

Gardenworks Landscape Services, LLC

Charlottesville, VA

434-981-4175 (tele)


Grelen Nursery, Inc.

Orange, VA
540-672-5462 (tele)


Gordon Berne Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance, LLC
Charlottesville, VA
434-760-8692 (tele)

High Peak Plant Maintenance
Shipman, VA
434-263-4793 (tele)

J.W. Townsend, Inc.
Charlottesville, VA
434-973-1154 (tele)

Morning Moon Gardens & Landscaping, LLC
Charlottesville, VA
540-456-7021 (tele)

Sewell Horticulture
Crozet, VA
434-326-2375 (tele)

Solar's Custom Arbor Care
Lovingston, VA
434-841-2828 (tele)

Watkins & Company, Inc.
Crozet, VA
434-823-4510 (tele)