Piedmont Landscape Association

Service Providers: Water & Container Gardens

The dictionary definition of "yard" is ... three feet, a holding area for livestock or a place for prisoners to receive recreation. To transform the area around your home from a yard into a garden will take more than a few plants. A successful garden is pleasing to all senses and a dynamic space to be enjoyed. The sight and sound of water can add a dynamic element to any garden.  From a simple standing feature for the birds to enjoy to a large pond with waterfalls, plants, and fish the diversity of water features available is as diverse as the gardens they enhance.
The current trends in water gardens include highly decorative self contained fountains that range from very rustic and natural to highly ornamented and formal. These fountains are becoming more advanced with many including L.E.D. lighting and even solar collectors to power the pumps. Another popular trend is the very low-  maintenance pond containing fewer water features, where the pump and water reservoir is hidden and the moving water is all that is seen. Large garden ponds are as popular as ever and with new advances in water filters and skimmer boxes ponds are easier than ever to take care of. The number one complaint of most pond owners is they wish they had made the pond bigger; it's even becoming more common to make ponds big enough to be natural swimming pools. So plan your spot and "get your feet wet" in water gardening. 

Listed are several companies that are either owned by or employ PLA members.

Denise Hargraves Design

Somerset, VA


Garden Trade
Piney River, VA
434-263-8786 (tele)


Gardenworks Landscape Services, LLC

Charlottesville, VA

434-981-4175 (tele)


Grelen Nursery, Inc.
Orange, VA
540-672-5462 (tele)

Jessica Primm Landscape Architect
Charlottesville, VA
434-882-0520 (tele)

J.W. Townsend, Inc.

Charlottesville, VA
434-973-1154 (tele)

Liriodendron, LLC
Keswick, VA
434-923-0365 (tele)


Morning Moon Gardens & Landscaping, LLC
Charlottesville, VA
540-456-7021 (tele)

Waynesboro Landscape and Garden Center
Waynesboro, VA
540-942-4646 (tele)