Piedmont Landscape Association


Membership into the Piedmont Landscape Association is open to individuals who are involved in, associated with, or interested in the horticulture industry, nurseries, greenhouses, arboriculture, botanical gardens, garden centers, groundskeeping, landscape design and architecture, landscape installation and maintenance, county cooperative extension services, and other associated "green" businesses.

Membership is subject to approval by the Board. Applicants seeking membership are strongly encouraged to attend the general meetings during this review process. This gives both the Board and our existing members an opportunity to learn more about the applicant.

Membership Types...
The Piedmont Landscape Association offers two types:

Full Membership consists of those individuals who secure their primary source of income from the landscape trade. Full Members have full voting rights and are eligible to serve on the Board. Application fee: $30.00.

Associate Membership consists of those individuals who are interested in the landscape trade but do not derive their main income from this type of work. Associate Members do not have voting rights nor can they serve on the Board. Application fee: $35.00.

Please note: Membership is granted solely to the individual and does not extend to the applicant's place of employment or to others at that workplace. Application fees shall also serve as the prospective member's first year's dues, should they be approved by the Board. All application fees are non-refundable unless the Board denies the applicant's request.

Becoming a Member...

Download the Membership Application. Complete the application and mail it along with the application fee to the address found on the application. Checks should be made payable to the "PLA." The application is in Adobe PDF format (note: if you don't have or can't view the download, download it for free at Adobe).

Once the Membership Chair receives the request they will begin processing it. This entails sending a notification/welcome letter, publishing the applicant's name twice in our monthly newsletter, and finally, approval by the Board.

Questions regarding the membership process should be directed to: membership@piedmontlandscape.org.

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