Piedmont Landscape Association


(adopted on 4/14/11, revised: 10/13/11) 

Article I

Section 1.

The name of this organization shall be the Piedmont Landscape Association (PLA).

Section 2.

The purpose of this organization is to unite all landscape-related professionals, to promote their general welfare by furnishing them with reliable information of general interest pertaining to the landscape trade, and to attain and maintain a high standard of business ethics in all dealings with the public and other members of the trade.

Article II


Section 1.

a.  Full Membership shall consist of those individuals who secure their primary source of income from the landscape trade.

b.  Associate Membership shall consist of those individuals who are interested in the landscape trade, but do not derive their main income from same. Associate members shall have no voting power and shall not be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.

c.  Honorary Membership shall consist of those individuals who, having displayed exemplary service to the profession and this organization, are awarded this lifetime distinction by the Board of Directors.

d.  Only Full and Honorary Memberships shall include the right to advertise Piedmont Landscape Association membership.

Section 2.

Sponsors and/or the membership committee shall present membership applications to the Board. Each applicant's name shall be published in the newsletter and the website prior to being considered for membership by the Board.  Applicants will be considered for membership after they have attended one (1) board or membership meeting. New members will be notified of their acceptance in writing by the membership committee.

Article III


Section 1.

The annual dues for the above types of membership listed in Article II, Section 1 are as follows:

Full Membership: $25.00; Associate Membership: $30.00; Honorary Membership: $0.00. 

Members should receive their annual membership dues renewal notice by August 1st. Dues shall be payable by the first day of September each year. Members in arrears of their annual dues shall receive written notice by September 15th and be withdrawn from the rolls if their indebtedness is not paid by October 15th.

Section 2.

Prospective member's dues shall be payable upon application for acceptance into the organization. Dues will be refunded if membership is denied. Any prospective member denied shall be notified in writing by the membership committee. 

Article IV


Section 1.

The officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2.

The President shall preside at all meetings, exercising full power and authority in all its affairs. He/she shall appoint all committees and shall have general supervision of the interests and welfare of the organization as its chief officer.

Section 3.

The Vice-President shall have full power and authority in the absence of the President. Vice-President shall be chairman of the Annual Seminar Committee.

Section 4.

The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all meetings, attend to all correspondence, and have charge of all papers, reports, monitoring association email, etc.; shall prepare and/or oversee the production and distribution of the monthly newsletter; shall publish the Treasurer's annual report in the August newsletter; and shall preside in the absence of the President and Vice-President.

Section 5.

The Treasurer shall collect all dues and fees, as well as pay all bills of the organization. The Treasurer shall send out the annual membership letter and dues notice to all members by August 1st each year; followed by any necessary reminders by September 15th. After October 15th the Treasurer shall remove members who have chosen not renew their memberships from the PLA Directory and mailing/newsletter lists. The Treasurer shall also submit to the Board an Annual Report of Income and Expenses through the fiscal year ending June 30th.The report shall be submitted at the July Board meeting.

Section 6.

The Board of Directors shall consist of the officers, two elected Directors, and the immediate past president, and they shall have sole voting power at the Board meetings.

Section 7.

Voting by the Board shall be by majority vote, with the exception of membership voting.
All applications for membership must be unanimously approved by a majority of the attending Board members.

Article V


Section 1

Nominations of officers and directors will be taken at the April meeting, and published in the following newsletter. Nominations will remain open until balloting. Elections will take place at the May meeting by secret ballot. Results of the meeting will be announced at the end of the May meeting and will be published in the following newsletter. Newly elected officers and directors shall assume their responsibilities on July 1st meeting and expected to attend the June meeting for transitional purposes.

Section 2.

All officers are elected for one-(1) year. All officers are eligible for reelection.

Section 3.

Directors shall be elected for two-year terms. The terms shall be staggered so that one of the two seats is filled each year. The past President shall be a Board member for one-(1) year immediately following his/her term. In elections when the President is reelected, a one year Director position shall be created to replace the past President's Board seat. If a two-(2) year term Director, after having served one-(1) year, is elected as an officer or is unable to serve, a one-(1) year Director position shall be created. If a Director or officer cannot complete his/her term, nominations and elections shall be held in a timely manner to fill the said position.

Article VI


Section 1.

General membership meetings shall be held at least quarterly (February, May, August and November). The date and time of the meetings may be changed by a majority of the Board.

Section 2.

The Board shall meet monthly. Board meetings shall be open to the general membership. Only Board members shall have voting power at these meetings (see Article IV, Section 6).

Article VII


Section 1.

The expenditures of this organization shall at no time exceed the total of its available funds. Monies shall be drawn from the treasury without the authority of the Board.

Section 2.

Any amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed to the Board of Directors for their consideration. Any proposed Bylaws revisions, with the exception of revisions to Article VI, Section 1, must be published in the newsletter before being voted upon by the membership at a subsequent meeting, additional meeting as needed or by digital (internet) polling. If a digital vote is conducted, any member who does not respond will be considered as abstaining to vote. Any amendments to these Bylaws must pass by a majority vote of the current PLA's membership.

Section 3.

Robert's Rules of Order shall be the authority for conducting all meetings of the organization, subject to special rules that may be adopted at any time by majority vote.

Article VIII


Section 1.

Standing committees appointed at the discretion of the President may include, but not limited to:

(A)  Program/Education        (B)  Membership         (C)  Publicity          (D)  Social

For a printable version of the existing by-laws click here.